5-star reviews from satisfied customers

Customer Reviews

Very convenient and affordable traffic school. Helpful customer service when I had some questions. – Nitin V

Excellent website, and the course content was very well thought out. If I have to do something like this 
again in the future, would return to Defensive Drivers Group. – Saulius G

I thought the course was well put together. They reemphasized many things that I assume could come up on the test. 
Much of the information was eye opening and may actually effect my driving in the future. That of course is why the 
State offers these courses as a way to not get a point on your record and to keep the roads safer for everyone. – David M

After completion of the course, I got two follow up emails: one confirming that I've passed the course and that 
they've sent my completion to the DMV, and the second confirming that the court has successfully processed the completion. – Charles F

I will use them again if the need ever arises.  Learning is split into sections with a few question quiz at the end of 
each.  Final is made up mostly of previous quiz questions.  Since most of the information is common sense, the quizzes were 
not hard.  Passed the final with 100% score. – Gino E

It was fast, easy and inexpensive.  I hope never to be in the position to have to do traffic school again but I will 
definitely be recommending this place to those who need the service. – Bette S

Now that I have finished and passed the course, I am doubly glad I chose this Driving School because it was easy to register 
and login to their site. The classes were informative, written very well and quite interesting. - Alice A

I found this online traffic school to be super convenient and easy to use.  Any questions I had were answered right away, it was great!
Read the material, take some notes and you will pass no problem.  Thanks so much for making this such an easy process. I would 
definitely recommend Defensive Drivers Group Traffic School to anyone. – Debbie C