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Defensive Drivers Group Course Details:
Easy-to-follow course
Easy-to-follow course
Easy to pass quizzes and final exams
Three easy steps and you're done with traffic school!

  • 1 Register for the course. Start by selecting the state where you received your traffic violation.
  • 2 Start Lesson 1. At the end of each lesson there is a short quiz. Take the quizzes as many times as you need to pass.
  • 3 Pass the final exam. Most people pass on the first try. (Note: There’s no final exam in Texas.)


California Driver

Example Exam Question

After it first rains the roads become slick because…

  •  Oil and dirt have not yet washed away
  •  A thin film of plastic covers all roadways
  •  Concealed ice sheets cover the roadway
  •  Rain vaporizes into oxygen and hydrogen

California Driver

What sets us apart from the competition?

Easier to read than many competitors' courses. Clear, easy-to-read writing means (1) you learn more about safe driving and (2) you finish the course faster.

No hidden fees: Unlike many competitors who tack on unnecessary charges for express processing or email confirmation, we charge one low price with no hidden fees. (Texas students may choose to pay extra for an optional FedEx certificate delivery.)

Best customer service: Our hallmark since 2009, DDG traffic school students are amazed at how we go the extra mile to ensure they get their course done on time.

Questions? We have answers.
  • Q Do I have to take the course all at once? Can I use different computers?
  • A Many students choose to spread the Michigan course out over a week or more. And yes, you can use any web-connected computer from virtually any location. Rest assured you can follow whatever method works for your schedule.
  • Q How long does the course take?
  • A The time it takes varies from person to person. A determined student who studies the material and takes notes can finish fairly quickly. Many students choose to spread the course out over a week or more. Rest assured you can follow whatever method works for your schedule.
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