How to Take Traffic School in Alameda County

At Defensive Drivers Group Traffic School we know a few tricks to taking traffic school in Alameda, California. This guide shares those traffic school tips for students working with the Alameda Superior Court Traffic Division.

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Follow these steps to take traffic school for Alameda County:

  1. Wait for your courtesy notice. The Alameda Court website says that if you are cited for a traffic violation, the court will mail you a "courtesy" notice at the address listed on the citation.
  2. Confirm that you are eligible for traffic school. Your courtesy notice should tell you. (Any questions contact the Alameda court.)
  3. Pay your fine. If you elect to attend traffic school you must pay the total fine amount plus a State/Court Administrative fee before your Alameda court date or extended due date.
  4. Choose a licensed traffic school. (DDG is licensed). Check the DMV website for listings: go to the DMV Occupational License website and after clicking the "Start Search" button and after the disclaimer, select "Traffic School List" from the dropdown. Proceed from there according to the instructions on the site.
  5. Register for the course. Start by selecting Alameda County and the court where you received your traffic violation. Your traffic school due date will be on your courtesy notice.
  6. Start Lesson 1. At the end of each lesson there is a short quiz of just three questions. Take the quizzes as many times as you need to pass.
  7. Pass the final exam. Answer just 70% correct and you pass!
  8. Traffic school certificate. Your California traffic school certificate will be sent electronically directly to both the California DMV and Alameda Superior Court.

How to contact the Traffic Division at the Alameda Traffic Court

Alameda traffic court locations

Fremont Hall of Justice

39439 Paseo Padre Parkway

Fremont, CA 94538

Phone: 510-818-7500

Hours: 8:30 to 2:30

Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse

661 Washington Street

Oakland, CA 94607

Phone: 510-627-4700

Hours: 8:30 to 2:30

East County Hall of Justice

5151 Gleason Drive

Dublin, CA 94568

Phone: 925-227-6700

Hours: 8:30 to 2:30

Verify the Solano Traffic Court's Receipt of your Traffic School Completion

Are you eligible to take traffic school in Alameda County?

In general, you may attend traffic school if you have not attended traffic school in California in the past 18 months and have a valid California license. (The 18 months is from the date of violation to the date of violation.) Your courtesy notice will say if you are eligible for traffic school.

Reminder notices for the Alameda Superior Court

The Alameda court will send a reminder notice to the address listed on the citation, along with:

  • Your due date and time
  • How much you owe
  • Whether you can go to traffic school
  • Any proof of correction you might need
  • Options on how to handle your citation

You must take care of your traffic ticket on time - even if you do not get a reminder notice.

How to confirm the Alameda court's receipt of traffic school certificate of completion

You may check online to see if the Alameda traffic court received your Certificate of Completion at this link. Wait five to seven business days after completion of traffic school to give the court time to process the certificate.

How to Request your driver record from the California DMV

Check your driver record with the DMV here. It's $2 per check and only the driver may check his or her California driver record. Once you have successfully paid for your record ($2.00), you will be prompted to view and print your record.

For other services and information go to the California DMV site at

Notes about this guide to traffic school in Alameda county

Note: This page is for informational purposes only to help traffic school students who need to work with the Alameda Superior Court Traffic Division. This information may change at any time, and it is up to the reader to verify this information with the court or other relevant parties.

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How to get a 30-day traffic school extension for Alameda Superior Court Traffic Court

The Alameda court says, that "If you are not going to be able to complete the school and return the Certificate of Completion to the court by the due date, you must request a one time 30 day extension of time. This can be done online, by phone, or in person."

How to pay for your traffic violations in Alameda County

Payments may be made online, using our automated phone system (IVR) 1-866-822-0560, by mail, and in person. 
To pay by Internet
Click this link to pay your citation online. VISA and MasterCard accepted. Please note: Some citations cannot be processed online. 

To pay by telephone
You can pay your citation over the telephone using our Automated Phone System (IVR) 1-866-822-0560. You will need a touch-tone telephone and a credit card (VISA and MasterCard accepted). Please follow the instructions on your courtesy notice for the appropriate phone number to call. There is a $6.00 convienence fee to use this service. Please note: Some citations cannot be processed using the Automated Phone System. 

To pay by mail
Write your docket number on your check and all correspondence. Make checks/money orders payable to CLERK OF THE COURT. Mail the return portion of the courtesy notice and payment to the Court address listed on the courtersy notice. VISA and MasterCard accepted. 

To pay in person
Visit the courthouse's Traffic Division to pay your Citation, at the Traffic counter. VISA and MasterCard accepted. 

Traffic school fees for Alameda Superior Court

You must post the full bail amount and any required proof of correction fee, and a non-refundable, State-mandated administrative fee. Payment in full must be received prior to applying for traffic school. Traffic schools also charge a separate tuition that includes the cost of your completion certificate. The amount of tuition varies. Call the school of your choice for the exact amount of tuition. Home Study/Internet courses are also available. 

Payment may be made online, using our IVR phone system, by mail, or in person.

Facts about Alameda County, California

About Alameda County, California

Alameda County, California, was established in 1853. The County was created from the territory of two counties created in 1850: Contra Costa and Santa Clara. It was given the local name for the region, Alameda, which translated loosely as "a grove of poplars." The County enjoys a varied geography ranging from urban marinas to rolling open spaces to hillside lakes and streams. Alameda is the seventh most populous county in California, and has 14 incorporated cities and several unincorporated communities. The total population is estimated to be 1,510,271 as of April 2010, a 4.6% increase from April 2000. During the same time period, California's population rose 10%. Oakland is the seat of County government and the largest city. (Source.)

Major highways

I-80 (CA).svg Interstate 80 (Eastshore Freeway)
I-238 (CA).svg Interstate 238
I-580 (CA).svg Interstate 580 (MacArthur Freeway/Arthur Breed Freeway)
I-680 (CA).svg Interstate 680 (Sinclair Freeway)
I-880 (CA).svg Interstate 880 (Nimitz Freeway/Cypress Freeway)
I-980 (CA).svg Interstate 980 (John B. Williams Freeway)
California 13.svg State Route 13 (Warren Freeway/Tunnel Road/Ashby Avenue)
California 24.svg State Route 24 (William Byron Rumford Freeway)
California 61.svg State Route 61
California 84.svg State Route 84
California 92.svg State Route 92 (Jackson Street/San Mateo Bridge)
California 123.svg State Route 123 (San Pablo Avenue) – formerly US 40 (1961 cutout).svg U.S. Route 40
California 185.svg State Route 185 (Mission Boulevard/East 14th Street)
California 238.svg State Route 238 (Mission Boulevard/Foothill Boulevard)
California 262.svg State Route 262 (Mission Boulevard)

Alameda county cities

Oakland (county seat)
San Leandro
Union City

Alameda county census-designated places

Castro Valley
San Lorenzo

Alameda county unincorporated communities

East Pleasanton
Hall Station
Kilkare Woods
Komandorski Village
Lorenzo Station
Mendenhall Springs
Mountain House
Mowry Landing
San Ramon Village
Scotts Corner