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Example quiz question

After it first rains the roads become slick because…

  •  Oil and dirt have not yet washed away
  •  A thin film of plastic covers all roadways
  •  Concealed ice sheets cover the roadway
  •  Rain vaporizes into oxygen and hydrogen

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What you will learn

Safer driving—that’s the reason we take a traffic school course. 
When you sign up for the Defensive Drivers Group course you will learn dozens of tips and techniques. Here are some highlights.

  • What a yield sign really means (you may be surprised)
  • New! Cell phone and texting laws
  • Children: when can they ride in front?
  • The basic speed law: why driving the speed limit may not be enough
  • The special rules for blind intersections
  • 4-way stop: who has the right of way?
  • Fog: 6 tips for safe driving
  • The 5 things you must do at a traffic accident
  • 4 tips to stay safe if you see a drunk driver

These are just a few of the important driving techniques you will learn. 


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