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16 easy-to-read lessons

Written by a professional writer, our course is easier to read that many competitors. That lets you complete the lessons faster—and learn more about safe driving.

No final exam to take!

Fact: Our course has no final exam. Just answer the short quizzes at the end of each lesson and you're done.

Example exam question

Is lack of attention a major cause of traffic crashes?

  •  Yes.
  •  No.

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What you will learn

Safer driving—that’s the reason we take a traffic school course. When you sign up for the Texas Online 
Defensive Driving Course you will learn dozens of tips and techniques. Here are some highlights.

  • What a Yield Sign Really Means (you may be surprised)
  • New! Cell Phone and Texting Laws
  • Children: When Can They Ride in Front?
  • The Basic Speed Law: Why Driving the Speed Limit May not Be Enough
  • The Special Rules for Blind Intersections
  • 4-Way Stop: Who Has the Right of Way?
  • Fog: 6 Tips for Safe Driving
  • The 5 Things You Must Do at a Traffic Accident
  • 4 Tips to Stay Safe If You See a Drunk Driver

These are just a few of the important driving techniques you will learn.


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